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Torn Meniscus Reno NVHave you torn a meniscus? Perhaps you’re experiencing pain, stiffness, swelling, and a popping sensation in one of your knees. You may also be having trouble straightening your leg, or you may feel like your knee is locked into place. If so, you can turn to Dr. Rueben Nair and the other orthopedic specialists at Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic for skilled meniscus repairs. We’re a full-service orthopedic practice that’s been helping patients since 1966, and we’re proud to serve residents of Reno, Nevada, and surrounding areas.

What Is a Meniscus?

A meniscus tear is one of the most common knee-related injuries, but few people know what a meniscus actually is. You have two menisci in each knee, located between your femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone). They’re crescent-shaped pieces of cartilage that help to cushion and stabilize your knee. When you twist or rotate your knee while putting your weight on it, you can tear the menisci, although tears can also sometimes develop from normal wear and tear. Many people are able to relieve their symptoms using conservative techniques — such as pain medication, icing, and rest — but some meniscus tears require surgery.

What Does Torn Meniscus Surgery Involve?

When a torn meniscus is able to be fixed, the surgeon will perform a meniscus repair procedure. In some cases, however, a meniscus tear can’t be repaired. Because only the outer third of a meniscus receives enough blood supply to properly heal, repairs generally won’t be attempted if the tear is too deep. In cases like that, it’s often a smart idea to remove part or all of the meniscus (a procedure known as a “meniscectomy”), since torn fragments can produce a catching sensation or even cause your knee to completely lock into place, preventing you from bending or extending your leg.

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If you’re concerned that you may have a torn meniscus and you’d like to discuss your treatment options, schedule an appointment at Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic’s Reno, NV, location. Dr. Nair or one of the many other orthopedic specialists on our team will perform an evaluation, ask you about your symptoms, and recommend a course of treatment that’s suited to your condition. Contact us to arrange a consultation, or take advantage of our convenient online scheduling system.