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Tendinitis Carson City NVTahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic proudly offers treatment for tendinitis to the residents of Carson City, Nevada, and surrounding areas. We’ve been serving this area since 1966, during which time we’ve worked with tens of thousands of patients. The medical professionals at our full-service clinic make it their goal to help our patients restore their function, mobility, and quality of life.

What Is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is a condition that develops when a tendon (the fibrous tissue connecting muscles to bones) becomes irritated or inflamed, usually as a result of repetitive motion. It can affect any of the tendons in the body, but is most often seen in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs, hips, knees, and heels. When tendinitis affects the shoulder, it might be referred to as “pitcher’s shoulder” or “swimmer’s shoulder,” and when it affects the elbow, it’s sometimes called “golfer’s elbow” or “tennis elbow.”

What Are the Symptoms of Tendinitis?

One of the most common symptoms of tendinitis is a dull, aching pain that tends to be exacerbated when the affected area of the body is moved. Other symptoms include:

  • Crackling or grating sensations
  • Heat
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

How Is Tendinitis Treated?

Many individuals are able to treat the symptoms of tendinitis by resting, icing the affected area, and taking pain medication. In more severe cases, however, a physician’s help may be needed to find relief. It’s important to seek prompt, proper treatment for tendinitis, since failing to do so could increase the chances of developing tendinosis or sustaining a tendon rupture, which could require surgery.

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