Need a Physical Therapist in Carson City, NV? Look No Further Than Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic

Physical Therapist Carson City NVA physical therapist can play a key role in treating patients who are living with chronic pain, as well as those who are recovering from an injury or from surgery. At Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic, we understand the importance of incorporating physical therapy into our patients’ treatment regimens. That’s why our team in Carson City, Nevada, includes skilled physical therapists who have the training and experience needed to help patients relieve their pain and enhance their strength, endurance, and range of motion.

When you work with a physical therapist at our office in Carson City, NV, he or she may employ various techniques to treat your condition, potentially including the following:

  • Manual therapy — A physical therapist performing manual therapy will manipulate and stretch the patient’s soft tissue and joints, thereby helping the patient regain mobility in those areas. He or she may also assist the patient with hands-on exercises to strengthen weakened areas of the body.
  • Massage therapy — Physical therapists may use massage therapy to release tension in certain areas of a patient’s body, such as where the patient has experienced a sprain or strain.
  • Myofascial release therapy — A physical therapist may use myofascial release therapy to treat patients who are experiencing chronic pain and tightness in the tissues surrounding their bones and muscles. This technique involves placing pressure on certain areas to release tension and regain flexibility.

To learn more about how working with a physical therapist could help reduce your pain and improve your mobility, please contact Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic today to schedule an appointment at our conveniently located office in Carson City, NV. We look forward to helping you restore your function and quality of life.