Our Services: Joint Replacement

Total knee, hip & shoulder replacement: Repairing & replacing joints.

Minimally invasive total joint replacement.

Minimally invasive techniques are the cutting edge of joint replacement surgeries.  These minimally invasive procedures require a much smaller incision and therefore less trauma to the muscles and tendons around the joint during the procedure.  Potential benefits of minimally invasive joint replacement include increased range of motion sooner after surgery, less blood loss during surgery, faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay.

Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic has the only orthopedic surgeon who is fellowhip trained in minimally invasive joint replacements in Northern Nevada.

Knee replacement.

When knee pain from arthritis or trauma becomes disabling, knee replacement becomes a reasonable treatment option. Total knee replacement may have a higher success rate than partial knee replacement.

Please explore our website to learn more about total knee replacement.

Hip replacement.

When a hip injury or arthritis impedes your ability to walk, hip replacement surgery can help. Our orthopedic surgeons are highly trained and experienced in this procedure. Hip dysfunction can be caused by traumatic injuries, diseases, poor blood supply and even genetics.

During a total hip replacement, we remove and replace the damaged joint. Most patients are hospitalized for three days but begin rehabilitation immediately. Recovery typically takes four to eight weeks.

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Shoulder & elbow replacement.

If you are suffering from advanced arthritis or severe fractures of the shoulder or elbow, you can get the welcome relief you need with shoulder or elbow replacement. During this procedure, we remove and replace the damaged cartilage. A shoulder or elbow replacement requires a short hospitalization followed by rehabilitation. Recovery typically takes eight to 12 weeks.

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Open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

 Now at our Mica Drive Clinic in Carson City! Our state-of-the-art open MRI is less restrictive and confined than a traditional MRI, providing a much more comfortable and relaxed experience. To learn more about what to expect from an open MRI, click here!

Physical Therapy

After having joint replacement surgery or suffering an injury, it can seem impossible to get up and move around, but movement is critical to a rapid and complete recovery.  Our therapists are experienced in post-operative rehab, and they know how to help you get better. Little by little, you will regain your strength and stamina and return to life as usual. With physical therapy at Tahoe Fracture, your surgeon and therapist can work together to ensure you are meeting your goals for post-operative rehabilitation.

Exceptional care you can trust.

We have offices in Carson City, Gardnerville, South RenoSouth Lake Tahoe, Yerington and Hawthorne, so you and your loved ones won’t need to travel far for exceptional orthopedic care. You’ll feel confident knowing that we are trusted by hundreds of physicians for their patients. Our staff consists of orthopedic surgeons and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists who work together to give you optimal results.

For more information about joint replacement surgery or minimally invasive procedures, contact Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic today! Call our centralized scheduling office at 775-392-3680. We have Carson City’s only open MRI available to help diagnose your condition and get you on the road to recovery