South Lake Tahoe, CA, Residents — Here Are Three Tips for Undergoing an MRI When You’re Claustrophobic

MRI South Lake Tahoe CAHave you ever had to undergo an MRI? It can be a stressful experience for anyone, but especially so for individuals with claustrophobia. A traditional MRI requires the patient to remain enclosed in a tube-shaped machine for an extended period of time — often 45 minutes to an hour — during which they’ll hear a series of loud banging noises. At Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic, we understand how nerve-wracking of an experience this can be, and we’re pleased to provide the following list of tips that can make undergoing an MRI more relaxing for someone with claustrophobia:

1.  Bring Along a Friend

In many cases, MRI technicians will allow a friend or family member to accompany you into the room where your MRI will take place. Being able to chat with a loved one before your appointment, and knowing that they’re right outside the machine during your scan, can bring down your stress levels.

2.  Listen to Soothing Music

Many MRI technicians allow patients to listen to music through headphones while an MRI is taking place, so you may want to bring along CDs or an MP3 player loaded with your favorite music to take your mind off the MRI. If you’re unable to listen to music during your MRI, you can also try inserting ear plugs to cancel out some of the noise.

3.  Opt for an Open MRI

Did you know that there’s another type of MRI machine that can accommodate patients with claustrophobia? It’s called an “open MRI,” and Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic is pleased to make this technology available to South Lake Tahoe, CA, residents. Our Esaote S-scan machine allows patients to comfortably undergo an MRI while positioned on a wide, rotating table. Open MRIs are also a great option for pediatric patients and patients who may have trouble fitting into a traditional MRI machine.

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