Worried You Might Need a Partial or Total Knee Replacement? Visit Our Reno, NV, Office to Learn More

Knee Replacement Reno NVTahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic proudly offers knee replacement services to patients in Reno, Nevada, and the surrounding communities. If you’ve been researching knee replacement surgery, you’ve likely seen the terms, “partial knee replacement” and “total knee replacement.” You may be wondering what the difference is between these two procedures.

Partial vs. Total Knee Replacement

When it comes to understanding the differences between partial and total knee replacements, it’s important to know that the knee contains three compartments, referred to as the “patellofemoral,” “medial,” and “lateral” compartments. During partial knee replacement surgery, only the damaged portion of the knee is replaced (generally the medial compartment, which is found on the inner side of the knee). During total knee replacement surgery, the entire joint is replaced.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic is pleased to have been serving patients in this community since 1966. During that time, we’ve realized how important it is to offer our patients a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. The team of orthopedic experts at our Reno, NV, office includes doctors, surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, physician assistants, and nurses, who all work together on your personalized treatment plan. If you come to us with knee pain, for example, we’ll examine your condition and let you know whether you might be able to find relief through nonsurgical treatment. If conservative methods fail to relieve your pain, we’ll help you determine whether you might need a partial or total knee replacement. Following surgery, our on-site physical and occupational therapists can guide you through the rehabilitation process.

To learn more about the many services available at Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic, including the knee replacement procedures we offer, please make an appointment at our Reno, NV, office. We look forward to helping you restore your mobility, function, and quality of life.