Hip Arthroscopy Surgeons Providing Labral Repair & Reconstruction in Reno, NV

Hip Arthroscopy Reno NVAre you experiencing pain and stiffness in your hip, as well as a catching or clicking sensation in the joint? If so, you might have torn your labrum, the soft cartilage that surrounds the socket in your hip joint. Labral tears often result from hip injuries — making them common among athletes participating in contact sports — and from repetitive pivoting and twisting motions. These tears can also be caused by genetic abnormalities.

If you’re in Reno, Nevada, and you need treatment for a labral tear, you can feel confident turning to the professionals at Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic. We’ve been serving patients since 1966, and our team of skilled orthopedists includes Dr. Rueben Nair, a sports medicine physician with extensive experience performing arthroscopic hip labral tear surgery. Although many patients find relief using conservative techniques, more severe tears can require hip arthroscopy, whether it be an arthroscopic repair or reconstruction.

Labral Repair vs. Labral Reconstruction

Hip labral tear surgery generally involves repairing the labrum by reattaching it to the joint socket. If the labrum can’t be repaired, however, reconstruction could be necessary. During a labral reconstruction, the surgeon replaces the damaged labrum with tissue from another part of the body, usually the iliotibial band or hamstring.

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