Conditions that May Require a Hand Surgeon in Reno, NVHand Surgeon Reno NV

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain in your hand and wrist, you may be wondering if you should contact an orthopedic doctor or if you should make an appointment with a hand surgeon to find treatment for your condition. At Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic, we have a team of respected orthopedic doctors, and every hand surgeon at our office in Reno, Nevada, is skilled in treating the common causes of chronic hand, wrist, and finger pain.

Typically, you are only recommended to a hand surgeon if your condition is not relieved after several weeks or months of conservative treatment. Before seeking a surgeon on your own, ask your orthopedic doctor for a recommendation for a good surgeon in the Reno area with experience treating your specific condition. The common conditions treated by an orthopedic surgeon for the hand or wrist include:

  • Fractures — If a bone in the hand is fractured, surgery will likely be required to repair the bone, restore function to the hand, and ultimately reduce the pain caused by the fracture.
  • Dislocations — Sometimes associated with large fractures, dislocated fingers that do not heal with a splint may require surgery. During this procedure, the hand surgeon will set the finger in the correct place to restore movement to that section of the hand.
  • Joint replacement — In some cases, the joints within the fingers may wear down to the point that they require surgical replacement.

Each hand surgeon at Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic is well-respected in the orthopedic community and has years of experience treating these hand and wrist conditions. You can schedule a consultation with one of the doctors at our Reno, NV, medical clinic to determine if hand surgery is your best option for treatment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about each surgeon on our team.