Arthritis in Hands Reno NVTreatment for Arthritis in the Hands for Patients in Reno, NV

Arthritis in the hands is a common occurrence for patients who are older or who have worked with their hands (including typing at a desk job) for many years. Simply put, arthritis in the hands describes the inflammation of the joints in the wrist or fingers, which can lead to stiffness and painful discomfort. For patients in the Reno, Nevada area, Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Medical Clinic offers medical treatment to help reduce the pain of this condition. Our treatments range from conservative to surgical, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

There are a few indicators to watch for to determine if you should see an orthopedic doctor for treatment options for this condition, such as:

  • Swelling — Sometimes an inflamed joint will swell, causing a visible difference between the arthritic joint in the hand and the other joints.
  • Temperature change — Arthritis in the hands can cause the joints to feel warm to the touch. Pay close attention if the joint feels warm to the touch and is stiff or painful, as this could be a sign of the condition worsening.
  • Pain and stiffness — As the joints of the hand become arthritic, movement can be difficult, causing stiffness and sometimes pain as the inflamed joint presses against a nearby nerve.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, schedule an appointment at our Reno clinic to speak to one of our orthopedic doctors about the treatments available to you. Treatments for arthritis in the hands can include pain medication, corticosteroid injections and, in some cases, splinting the arthritis fingers. Many patients are able to find relief from this treatment, though some patients may need surgery to alleviate pain and restore full flexibility to the hand.

For patients who need arthritis in the hands surgery, the orthopedic surgeons at Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Medical Clinic in Reno, NV can provide the relief you are seeking. Contact our medical clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to discuss the surgical options available to treat your condition.