Our Services: Upper Extremity Surgery

Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down

Injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder are common and can cause pain, loss of sensation, loss of movement, and impaired function. Overuse injuries such as rotator cuff tear, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are among the most common causes of pain. Joints in your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders can also be affected by normal wear and tear, resulting in arthritis. But with Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic close by, you don’t have to let pain slow you down.

Skilled Expertise in Hand, Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Surgery

At Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic, Dr. David E. Eisenhauer is trained to diagnose and treat all types of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder problems. He is board certified and fellowship trained in upper extremity and microvascular surgery. Dr. Eisenhauer uses the latest surgical techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. He can expertly perform the most complex procedures required to relieve pain and to preserve or restore normal function to the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Some of the more common surgeries he performs include:

Shoulder & Elbow

  • Fracture surgery
  • Total shoulder replacement
  • Reverse shoulder replacement
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Surgery for tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Elbow arthroscopy
Wrist & Hand

  • Fracture surgery
  • Carpal tunnel release
  • Wrist arthroscopy
  • Wrist joint replacement
  • Wrist fusion

Dedicated to Your Full Recovery

With seven offices in Carson City, Gardnerville, South Lake Tahoe, South Reno, Yerington and Hawthorne, exceptional orthopedic care is right around the corner. We recognize that attending to your needs is essential in making your time with us a positive experience, and that every patient is different. Everyone here is completely dedicated to helping you achieve a full and speedy recovery.

For more information about upper extremity surgery, contact Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Medical Clinic today. Call our centralized scheduling office at 775-392-3680, option #2.